Message from the President

Since our establishment in 1952, we, at HOEI DENKI, have steadily expanded our business over more than 70 years as a general trading company in the electrical and electronics fields to serve our customers.
For a company to continuously develop and contribute to society, it needs a driving force to support growth. We believe that there are three keys to this: customers, products, and proposal capabilities. In other words, we search for and evaluate products that meet the needs of our customers by ourselves, make solid proposals of them to the customers, and as a result, expand business with them. For this purpose, we believe that along with the creation of a system, improving the skills of our employees, our greatest management resource, will directly contribute to our customers.
In addition, the source of the value we can provide to the customers as a trading company lies in our network. Both customers and suppliers are our first priority, and we are confident that our optimized supply chain provides the smooth flow of information and products through domestic and international networks to deliver peace of mind and satisfaction to both customers and suppliers. We believe that we can achieve even greater growth as a company when all employees share this belief and move forward step by step with the same goal in mind.
We will continue to respond to customers’ requests, contribute to the development of the electronics industry, and make efforts to contribute to society.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Hirotoshi Kawashita