Action Guidelines

Corporate Mission

Our growth is the condition for customer satisfaction.

We must grow our own business in order to satisfy our customers and suppliers. By solidifying any two of "customers, products, and proposal capabilities" and steadily developing the other, we will expand our business so that the area of the triangle will expand gradually in many directions.
Based on this corporate mission, we will establish the three points of "market expansion, product development, and human resource development" as the basis of our management strategy, link them to specific measures, and permanently implement the PDCA cycle, which is our corporate philosophy to ensure steady growth.

Action Guidelines

In order to deepen relationships of trust with the community, customers, and partners, and to fulfill our mission with sincerity, HOEI DENKI hereby establishes the action guidelines of HOEI DENKI and its employees.

  • Respecting a person’s life and dignity
  • Spirit of freedom
  • Modest virtue
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  1. 1. Respecting a person’s life and dignity
    We will uphold basic human rights, respect all people, and value harmony among people.
  2. 2. Spirit of freedom
    We respect the free thinking of individuals and the spirit of acting on one's own initiative.
  3. 3. Modest virtue
    We approach everything with humility without overconfidence.
  4. 4. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We comply with laws and regulations and aim to be a trusted company.